PRESS RELEASE – Royal Family at National Day and 210th anniversary of First Serbian Uprising celebration

Канцеларија Њ.К.В. Престолонаследника Александра II

The Office of H R H Crown Prince Alexander II
Royal Family atNational Day and210th anniversary of FirstSerbianUprising celebration
Belgrade, 15 February2014Their RoyalHighnesses Crown Prince Alexander II,Crown Princess Katherine and Prince Philip, accompanied by academician Mr MatijaBeckovic, memberof the CrownCouncil, Mr VladanZivulovic,member of the PrivyCouncilMr Dusan Babac, and a member of the Crown CabinetMrDjurdje Ninkovic,attended theceremony of markingthe National Day ofSerbiaand the 210th anniversary of the FirstSerbianUprisingin Orasac. Ceremony was attended by Mr. Vladimir Bozovic, state secretary at the Ministry of the interior and Mr. Dragan Jovanovic, mayor of Topola.
The celebration began with HolyLiturgyofficiated by HisGrace BishopJovan of Sumadija and the clergyof Sumadija diocese.
A memorial service was held in Maricevica Gully, where HRH Crown Prince Alexander II, laid wreath on the monument to Karadjordje. A speeches was delivered by HRH Crown Prince Alexander, and His Grace Bishop Jovan of Sumadija.
In his speech, HRH Crown Prince Alexander II emphasised: “Exactly two hundred and ten years ago, at this place, the most prominent Serbs came to a decision to begin the uprising against the Ottoman occupation. They chose my great-great-great-grandfather Karadjordje as their leader. Every time I come to Orasac, I feel immeasurable pride of our ancestors, but also huge responsibility towards their magnificent achievement – the restoration of Serbian State. I think we should all more often than once a year, on the Presentation of Our Lord’s Day, remember our ancestors. We should find inspiration in their courage and find reliance in their entrepreneurship. We should remember more often how two hundred years ago times were certainly more difficult than today and how the fathers of our nation surely faced incomparably bigger obstacles than those that are in front of us today. We should also more often remember how great men our ancestors were, although they were no saints, and how our history in the nineteenth century, despite tribulations, was filled with glorious successes. One of such shining historical moment was by all means the beginning of the First Serbian Uprising, and I am very happy to celebrate the memory of it with you here today. Let the courage and entrepreneurship of our ancestors be our paragon for the future, so that we, too, can leave our descendants something to be proud of.”
After that, Their RoyalHighnesses Crown Prince Alexander II, Crown Princess Katherine, Prince Philipand the membersof the advisory bodies of the Crown attended a memorial service inthe church of St. George inOplenac, officiated by His Grace Bishop Jovan of Sumadija. Then His RoyalHighnesses Crown Prince Alexander laid a wreath on the tomb of Karadjordje, the Supreme Leader of the First Serbian Uprising.
Later in the evening TRHCrown Prince AlexanderII, Crown Princess Katherine and Prince Philip will attend a receptionon the occasion oftheNational Day, hosted by the Serbian President HE Mr TomislavNikolic, at the Presidency. After that,Their RoyalHighnesses will attend a concert by the Royal Strings of St George, the orchestra under the auspices ofHRHPrincePhilip,whichwillbeheldin Sabac, in the theatre“Ljubisa Jovanovic”.

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